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Investment Services: For clients who prefer that their investments be actively managed, Citibank Private Bankers and Citibank Portfolio Managers combine their knowledge of global economies and financial markets with a thorough understanding of the investor. They combine rigorous needs analysis, objective-setting and asset allocation processes to produce a flexible set of recommendations offering the best response to complex needs. They actively monitor and manage investments as market conditions and client needs evolve over time. Across each investment category, an Investment Specialist will either tailor a portfolio to the clients or apportion your assets among more structured portfolios. These solutions enable the client to participate in virtually all of the world's financial markets: from money markets to commodities, including investment opportunities that may not be available from any other source. Citibank also provides an extensive array of services, including exposure management, to ensure that your investment assets are aligned with your liabilities, growth expectations, income and liquidity needs, risk tolerance and reference currency. Alternatively, if the client prefers to select and manage some portion of this own investments, Citibank offers personalised investment advisory services across a wide range of asset classes. They are world leaders in global trade execution, settlement and custody. However, what truly sets them apart is the quality of the information and advice their investment advisors provide. Citibank's long standing presence in established and emerging markets give them access to market intelligence and securitization opportunities that few other firms can match, enabling them to structure customised investment solutions on the client's behalf.

Risk Management Services: Some personal and business-related financial needs are quite complex, requiring solutions more typically associated with corporations or large institutions. Among the most prevalent is risk management, managing the uncertainties of volatile financial markets. Private Bankers marshal the extensive resources of Citibank to bring the client a full range of risk management alternatives, a major presence in the world's markets and the support of a strong capital base.

Trust and Estate Services: Specialised trusts can help the client preserve wealth, minimise taxes and maintain control and confidentiality over their assets: now and in the future. Citibank has been helping families manage and transfer assets across generations since 1812. With thousands of trusts under their administration around the world, they address the wide-ranging issues involved in ensuring that the client's legacy is a lasting one. And the use of their trust companies and private investment companies in the U.S., Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Jersey or Switzerland can give the client confidence that their assets are held securely, administered according to their wishes and passed on to their heirs in a way that is both tax-efficient and confidential.

Product Performance Report

September 30, 1995

                 NAV   Return  YTD   Months Deviation Return    1994  1993  1992  1991  1990
Global Bond
Account USD     107.48   0.86  9,38% 10.21%   0.71%     N/A    -6.10  4.64
VIP Selector
Fund USD      1.673.51  -0.39 27.28% 12.18%   4.36%    6.45%  -18.67 38.47 14.19 23.73 -14.10

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