A New Awareness

by Robert C. Beckman

It is indeed an honour and a privilege for me to have been asked to provide the keynote commentary for this first edition of "Finance and Investment in Monaco". The ongoing development of Monaco as a major financial centre has always been an objective which is dear to my heart.

The fact that Monaco is one of the most tax efficient areas in the world for transacting business in a number of categories is fairly well known. However, in order to maximise this efficiency, access to the requisite business facilities, financial services, banking; legal and accountancy expertise is quintessential. I believe that this first edition of Finance and Investment in Monaco will reveal that the facilities and expertise available to those who conduct business, finance and investment in Monaco is equal, if not superior, to any other fiscally efficient financial centre in the world today.

As you peruse the pages of this issue, you will find features and advertisements from companies and individuals offering a range of expertise on domestic and international matters which are crucial to financial performance and maintaining competitiveness in this increasingly complex global investment environment. In everything from communications to computers, and from accommodation to business travel, Finance and Investment in Monaco has it all... because Monaco has it all!

As we move into the future, I expect the Principality to grow exponentially as a financial centre along side a global recognition of the facilities that Monaco can provide. I am proud to have been afforded the opportunity of contributing to an awareness of the superb opportunities the Principality has to offer which are outlined in this publication.


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