The Principality of Monaco celebrates the 700th anniversary of the Grimaldi Family's reign
In 1997, the Principality of Monaco celebrates the 700 years reign of the Grimaldi dynasty. It all began on January 8, 1297 when the Guelf Francois Grimaldi dressed as a Franciscan monk, seized the fortress protecting the famous rock and the port of Hercules.

Surmounting the trials and tribulations of history and throughout the dark periods of foreign domination, the Principality has managed to affirm its identity and preserved its independence throughout the centuries due to the wise guidance of its Princes. Thus, at the threshold of the third millennium, it will celebrate its commitment and loyalty to the Grimaldi family, its territory and community.

The Grimaldi dynasty has bequeathed Lords and then Princes to the Principality, illustrious in their many domains, who wrote the most enticing pages in the history of Monaco. To cite but a few : Rainier I, General Admiral of France ; Honore II, the first Prince of Monaco at the origins of the most important treaties with France ; Louis I, Ambassador to the Holy See under Louis XIV ; Antoine I, grand patron of the arts ; Charles III, founder of Monte-Carlo ; Albert I, renowned as the father of oceanography ; Louis II, the soldier Prince.

Prince Albert unveils the 700 Years Official Logo
On January 8, 1997, the official ceremonies of the 700th anniversary begin. According to the decree of His Serene Highness Prince Rainier III, the celebration will be "the living expression of the national unity of the nation", and will demonstrate once again the indisputable ties between the reigning family and the Monegasques "whose rich and authentic history will allow the new generation to find a newborn faith for the future". The organizational committee of the 700th anniversary is presided by His Serene Highness Hereditary Prince Albert.

The History of Monaco
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The Lords of Monaco
The Princes of Monaco
Dates in the History of the Principality

The Grimaldi's
The Origins of the Grimaldi's in Monaco
Prince Rainier III
Prince Albert


Last January 8th, HSH Hereditary Prince Albert revealed the 700th anniversary logo which was selected by the Committee from over 250 proposals, a piece of work by the graphic artist Francois Guyomard, with an azur background symbolizing the overture of Monaco towards the future and the world, and a golden flame evoking the timelessness of the Principality and its dynasty.

Francois Guyomar was born in Paris on October 6, 1950, lived in Rennes until 1983 where he studied and taught at the Beaux-Arts. Following his specialization in the fields of lithography and photography, he opened a photography store in Rennes. He then moved to Nice where he discovered the regional traditions of the art of trompe l'oeil to which he devoted seven year perfecting. He loves "printed matter" and toned his computer skills to master the art of printing. He enjoys sailing, has ventured across the Atlantic, and remains an avid photographer.

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