The start (DEPART) is on the top left of the map near the figure (1), driving in a clockwise direction your short acceleration period is rapidly followed by a struggle for position as everyone tries to negotiate the right hand VIRAGE ST. DEVOTE for the first time. This is the most dangerous part of the Monaco Circuit and over the years many spectacular accidents have occurred on this the first bend. Curiously enough this is one of the few bends with a 'run-off' area, if you do have to go straight on here it should be survivable.

Accelerating up the hill from St. Devote into Casino Square is your first chance to go up through the gears, be careful as the road can be bumpy and those white traffic lines are very slippery. Out accelerating someone at the start of the hill is a possibility but further up the race line is much too close to the barriers. Slow down for the tight left and then right through Casino Square and accelerate down hill past the HOTEL METROPOLE.

Keep tight to the right as you approach the HOTEL MIRABEAU this is a favorite spot for out-braking if you leave a gap. If you do miss the corner there is a run-off area (try not to miss it). Forever downward as you take the 30mph hairpin at the MONTE CARLO GRAND HOTEL  and the sharp right past the fountains and into the VIRAGE DU PORTIER.

Darkness falls as you enter the tunnel, you are about 40 seconds into the race and its time to open up and follow the sweeping curve of the tunnel. This is another opportunity to out-accelerate the car in front if he leaves room. Breaking back into the sun in 6th at 170mph is the fastest you will drive today. Once again keep the correct line as you slow down into the chicane or you might lose a place or two.

The tight left-right of the chicane leads into a short straight and then the swimming pool complex. Keep the right line and you should have no problems here or at the hairpin of VIRAGE RASCASSE. A bad line or trying too hard will finish your race very quickly against the unforgiving track side barriers.

Slightly uphill now into the very nasty right of VIRAGE ANTHONY NOGHES. If you are still on track its full speed ahead as you climb up through the gears to complete the first lap. Only 77 more laps to go. .

Information supplied by the Automobile Club de Monaco.
Prepared and published by Gale Force of Monaco.
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