Letter from the Monaco Grand Prix - 24th April 97

Dear All,
Once again your roving reporter is out on the streets of Monaco roving... and once again the weather jumped around faster than a Benetton in a corner. I chose the day - the weather chose the clouds and then the sun and then more clouds again. I'm not usually so sensitive to the weather but I was hoping to show our little country looking its best and not always covered in cloud..

Anyhow here are some more grey and sunny photos from the old digital (all pictures are clickable and the IMAGE MAP page links most of the pictures to a plan of the circuit):

Starting in Casino Square you can now see that we have a full stand built on top of the base we saw earlier. Those of you with eagle eyes and image enhancing software will note the large banner for our Historic Cars' Grand Prix which takes place the week before the Formula 1 race. For our other friends I can tell you that seats in the stands are 100Fr on the Saturday and 200Fr on the Sunday - so come on down!!!
Also in Casino Square I found this great piece of modern art. Well actually it's an advert for the Monte-Carlo Tennis Open which is filling the restaurants at the moment - you can't move for tennis stars at all the best tables...
Further round the track (at the Loews hairpin) I found these industrious guys levelling out the nasty lip on the pavement. This area always sees some great action as drivers try to undertake on the apex of the bend aided by the little ridge you see being born...
A little off track now as we stand on the port arm to look back at Monaco and the mountain.
Just for interest here is a picture looking down the coast from the same position as the last one. Just look at that weather...
This is looking down the hill from St Devote to the Casino, note the structure on the left which will become the large screen TV.
Then the sun started to come out - so off I went again. This is the Casino as seen from the traffic jam I was in at the time. Note the wire fencing and the stands-road-sign.
The tyres are ready at the Mirabeau corner.
From the same place but looking down towards Loews.
Round by the chicane the weather has certainly brightened up.
This is the straight from the chicane down to the Restaurant du Port. The large ship is the USS Pathfinder.
USS Pathfinder - the flat end. Yes, this was the same day as the earlier pictures!
Got to move these boats guys - that's where the TV vans will go.

Till next time.

Best Regards

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Words and pictures by GALE FORCE of Monaco