Letter from the Monaco Grand Prix - 1st May 97

Dear All,
Only 1 more week before we hear the sound of Formula 1 blasting around the city, really getting into the mood today with the Historic Race cars arriving for the Historic Cars Grand Prix this weekend. No problems with the weather today - it was baking.

Here's some more sunny photos from the old digital (all pictures are clickable and the IMAGE MAP page links most of the pictures to a plan of the circuit):

Once again I started off in Casino Square. Luckily was able to park the old F50 right in front of the Hotel de Paris :-).
Down by the tunnel I found a lost Historic Car orbiting the roundabout.
From Historic Race cars to the absolute latest in digital technology. Here you see one of many, many, many silver trucks which brought in the FOCA Digital TV Studio. The silver blocks are being stuck together like lego in one of our under ground car parks. From this studio will be broadcast the digital 6 channel pay-per-view version of the Grand Prix TV show which is available in some countries.
Another silver truck, the last time I went round there were seven parked end to end in the Loews tunnel waiting to unload there precious cargo.
Inside the tunnel now, sorry about the funny colours. Note the lights on the right which are used to compensate for the sudden darkness as you enter the tunnel a great speed.
Many people have asked to see the views from the different stands. Here's a forward shot from the top of the chicane stand.
and here is a backward shot from the same place.
Moving round to the main grand stand and a nice view of the new corner. Note the run-off area to the right. The trucks you see are delivering the historic cars.
Now we are at the pits end of the main stand - in the most expensive seats in the house (250 US$ each on race day). In the distance you can see the big black square of the large TV screen.
And looking the other way - its straight down onto pit lane.
From the little stand next door (our backs to the swimming pool) you get a great view of the new corner and are right on top of the run-off area. Once again you can see many of the transports for the historic cars.
From the Rascasse stand you get a great view of the action at one of the circuits slowest corners. Here the only action is more historic car transports.
Looking the other way you get an amazing view of the port (that's Italy in the far distance) and down along the second pits area. Here you can see the lines of tents for the historic cars.
Lots of cars down in the tents, all very historic. I don't actually know much about these cars, but for those that do here are some photo's:
and finally the picture you've all been waiting for - the beach.

Till next time.

Best Regards

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Words and pictures by GALE FORCE of Monaco