Letter from the Monaco Grand Prix - 5th May 97

Dear All,
Here we are in the final week - the final few days - and then back to normal life. Back to better weather also I hope. After a hot sunny weekend today (Monday) it rained. This is not the time of year to come on holiday...

Monaco has even more traffic than last week more jams and more cables. Took a look at the FOCA studio today - looks like a big shiny baking tin, has its own generators and its own satellite dish (for getting EuroSport!!). Back to the cables - first the Automobile Club wired the track for the control center cameras, then SFP (French outside broadcast company) wired the track for the TV coverage, and now FOCA and running more cables for their digital camera rigs - Monaco Spaghetti...

Here's more photos from the old digital (all pictures are clickable and the IMAGE MAP page links most of the pictures to a plan of the circuit):

This is the Weather Reference shot taken from the end of the paddock. A bit grey today.
This is looking down the straight just after the chicane - all puddles and umbrellas.
Back in the paddock 'Star n Bars' are stocking up for the onslaught. As you might expect this is the busiest week of the year for many local establishments.
Below you can see some of the team buses which have arrived:
Ever wondered what a large screen TV looks like close up - well now you know - its lots of little light bulbs!!!!
and then the sun came out - did I tell you the weather changes a lot at this time of year? So back to our series of pictures from the grandstands. Here we are looking right from the central port stand.
and looking left...
and looking back over the port.
Went up near the Palace next. These three pictures are taken from that high camera position which you see on TV. In the bottom right of the picture you can see the cable which links it - did I tell you Monaco was covered in wires?
Same sort of shot but now in landscape.
The tourist shot from the same place - this says it all about Monaco and the Med - taken only 4 hours after the first picture today.

Till next time.

Best Regards

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Words and pictures by GALE FORCE of Monaco