Letter from the Monaco Grand Prix - 7th May 97

Dear All,
Despite a forecast of changeable weather (that's a hard prediction!!) it stayed sunny all day today - but the wind - wow (must have been Williams testing...).

Made several trips around the paddock today, saw a few famous faces (including Jackie Stewart and Gerhard Berger) as well as lots of bits of race cars.

Here's more photos from the old digital (all pictures are clickable and the IMAGE MAP page links most of the pictures to a plan of the circuit):

This is the Weather Reference shot taken from the end of the paddock at about 10am.
Here are lots of pictures of cars - I'm sure you can work out what is what...(sorry about the last few - we are back in an enclosed car park with our totally useless flash)
Went out again later in the day and watched some of the weigh-ins (way-out man!)
And finally a few 'wandering around the pits shots'...Note the guys at the end playing Grand Prix 2!?

Till next time.

Best Regards

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Words and pictures by GALE FORCE of Monaco