Letter from the Monaco Grand Prix - 11th May 97

Dear All,
Did I ever mention that the weather at this time of year was very changeable?? This morning was cloudy and dry but as soon as F1 time came so did the rain - and the rest is history.

We had an especially exciting time when our stupid Cisco decided to stop routing just before we began the live coverage of the F1 on the Internet. Hairy stuff especially as we were many miles away from the Cisco at the time. Finally got it going about lap 6 - sorry for those of you who thought we had died. By the time we were back online nearly half the cast had dropped out and the race had become a damp parade to the end.

After the race we rushed down the pits to bring you some more great pics:

This was the weather a couple of hours after the F1 - no rain and blue sky starting to appear.
This was the only William's car I could find - I guess they were desperate to get home and forget about Monaco for a year.
Down at Arrows there were lots of bit still laying around. The last picture is the rear suspension as seen by the exhaust manifold (yeah I know, stupid shot):
Here's a flying Tyrrell having its bits taken off.
Putting a Prost to bed.
The McLaren cars - note the car in the last picture only has one front wheel - this was Hakkinen's race car.
Here are the Jordan Team packing away.
And the Winner is - Ferrari.
By tomorrow most of these trucks will have gone - until next year.

We'll be back in the next few days to watch the circuit disappear back into the ground..

Best Regards

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Words and pictures by GALE FORCE of Monaco