Letter from the Monaco Grand Prix - 12th May 97

Dear All,
Remember I said that the weather was very changeable this time of year? Well not today - today it rained and rained and rained. This is actually very good - firstly it means that all those people who got soaked in the stands yesterday do not have it rubbed in their faces by a blazing sunny day 24 hours later, secondly it's good for the garden - we have actually had very little rain since the start of this year.

It was so wet and miserable that I didn't even take any pictures today. A quick tour of the circuit saw lots of FOCA people collecting cables, a tunnel full of flat bed lorries to pickup the digital studio and most of the stands looking as though they were melting. The Chicane and Rascasse stands were almost gone, all the pits were missing their walls and ARMCO was piled up every where. A few TV trucks were still left but all the F1 teams had gone.

If the rain stops I'll take a few shots later in the week. In about a month I'll make a before and after page to show some of our classic location with no F1.

Hope you enjoyed our underwater Grand Prix.

Best Regards

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Words and pictures by GALE FORCE of Monaco