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Quaternary Era to 1215

From the beginning of the 6th century to the end of the 10th, the barbarians and then the Saracens were the masters of the region.

11th century : the Ligurian coast began to be repopulated and life returned little by little to normal.

1191 : the Emperor Henry VI granted suzerainty over Monaco to the Genoese.

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1215 to 1662

1215 : the Genoese settled on the Rock and laid the foundations of a fortress.

1297 : François Grimaldi and his Guelph supporters seized the fortress of Monaco.

1346 : Charles Grimaldi acquired the lordship of Menton and in . . .

1355 : the lordship of Roquebrune.

1489 : King Charles VIII of France recognized the independence of Monaco, confirmed in . . .

1512 : by King Louis XII and in . . .

1515 : by King François I.

1524 : Augustin I placed Monaco under the protection of Spain.

1614 : Honoré II adopted the title of Prince of Monaco.

1641 : end of the Spanish protectorate. Honoré III signed the Treaty of Péronne with Louis XII which assured the Principality of the "protective friendship of France". As compensation for the loss of the privileges granted by Spain, the Prince of Monaco received fiefs in France. During his reign, Prince Honoré II worked on the embellishment of the Palace.

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1662 to 1815

1662 : death of Prince Honoré II ; his grandson, Prince Louis I, succeeded him.

1698 : Louis XIV gave to Louis I the Embassy of France to the Holy See.

1701 : death of Louis I ; his son, Antoine I, married to Marie of Lorraine, whose family was linked to the throne of France, succeeded him. During his reign, the Principality was given new fortifications.

1731 : death of Antoine I with no male heir. His daughter, Louise-Hippolyte, succeeded him but died only a few months later. His son-in-law, Jacques de Goyon, Lord of Matignon, became Prince of Monaco but in . . .

1733 : left the throne to his son, Prince Honoré III, then aged 13.

1793 : the Principality was attached to the territory of the French Republic under the name of Fort Hercules and became chief town of the canton of the Alpes-Maritimes, then a simple commune.

1795 : death in Paris of Prince Honoré III.

1814 : the Grimaldis of Monaco were re-invested with all their rights (the Treaty of Péronne again in force).

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1815 to 1982

1815 : the Treaty of Paris (20th November 1815) placed the Principality under the protection of the King of Sardinia.

1817 : the Treaty of Stupiniggi (8th November 1817) placed Monaco under the protection of Sardinia.

1841 : death of Honoré V ; his brother, Florestan I, became Prince of Monaco.

1848 : revolution in Menton and Roquebrune which proclaimed themselves to be free towns.

1856 : death of Florestan I ; his son Charles III succeeded him.

1860 : by the Treaty of Turin, King Victor Emmanuel II of Italy ceded Savoy and the County of Nice to Napoleon III.

1861 : Charles III granted to France his rights over Menton and Roquebrune and signed a treaty which guaranteed the independence of Monaco.

1863 : founding of the Seabath Company which established a casino and several hotels in the quarter known as "the Spelugues" which in . . .

1866 : changed its name to that of Monte Carlo.

1889 : death of Prince Charles III ; succession of his son, Prince Albert I, whose discoveries in the fields of oceanography and paleontology won him a great reputation in scientific circles throughout the world.

1911 : Prince Albert I promulgated the first constitution.

1922 : death of Prince Albert I ; his son, Prince Louis II, a General in the French army, succeeded him.

1949 : death of Prince Louis II ; succession of his grandson, H.S.H. Prince Rainier III (born in 1923).

1951 : signing of the Franco-Monégasque convention of friendship and mutual administrative assistance.

1956 : Prince Rainier III married Miss Grace Patricia Kelly.

1957 : birth of H.S.H. Princess Caroline.

1958 : birth of H.S.H. Prince Albert.

1962 : promulgation of a new constitution.

1963 : (18th May) new conventions were signed in Paris. The texts on which relations between the Principality and France are based are now the treaty of 2nd February, 1861, the treaty of 17th July, 1918, the conventions of 14th April, 1945, and the agreements of 18th May, 1963.

1965 : birth of H.S.H. Princess Stephanie.

1966 : centenary of Monte Carlo.

1966 : majority shareholding of the State in the capital of the Seabath Company. Large-scale increase of activity over the whole range of its establishments in the field of employment.

1974 : 25th anniversary of the accession of Prince Rainier III.

1981 : laying of the first stone of new town of Fontvieille by Prince Albert, Heir to the Throne.

1982 : death of Princess Grace.

1989 : 40th anniversary of the accession of Prince Rainier III.

1993 : Monaco joins U.N. (28TH May).

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